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Dry stone walls

Traditional drystone walling. Perfect for use as a farm fence or a garden feature wall and can be varied in many ways to suit your needs

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Crazy paving

Created in the “old-world” style using slate or flagstones, local and imported, to add a timeless quality to your garden.

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Stone cottages

Built from natural materials to create beautiful and unique homes.

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A passionate designer creating a special garden unique to each client.

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Mortred walls

Long-lasting, sturdy stonework with minimal upkeep.

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Pillars & entries

A desirable feature for a grand entrance.

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Stunning and tranquil. Perfect addition to that special area.

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Restoring aging and historical stone. features.

Above we are displaying 8 panels in what we offer, this is not the range, our work is so varied, yes we do amazing work, work we are all proud of & my path started in the late 60’s, and I have been blessed to have had the quality of craftsman to learn from, now I teach my young dedicated craftsmen to have the skills I have. If you read our reference’s you will see a list of grateful clients for giving them creative gardens and stonework.

I could make an endless list including drives, design work, sprinkler systems, etc., but if you like our work please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss anything that is represented here or on your wish list.

John Champion

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A picture of Millie, our mascot admiring the stone wall.


About our team

We are Stone masons and Landscapers with my personal experience in this field of 40 years, this includes design, specialised gardens with water falls and features, Stonework and slate crazy paving have been a large part of our ongoing building of gardens all over Victoria and parts of Tassie and NSW. I have spent much of my life training and teaching the special skills that were passed on to me and I have been continuing to pass them on even to today as we currently have 3 training apprentices all eager and loving what they create.

Our skills

Skills were taught to me by old English and Italian stonemasons, this has helped me create more amazing projects than what I can remember. But gardens are more than any one item, they live in design, in frame work, in creating a special place using what ever is required but certainly using good quality carefully selected plants that will grow to all expectations, and create that special garden. My passion is creating gardens along the Edna Walling style, but will work in with all clients ideas as long as they have a passion for what I will create for them.

the team

To wander into someones true garden and sit, breath deeply and experience nature.

John Champion - talented horticulturist

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We can create anything special and our Gardens and stone walls live on for others.